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The quality of wire and cable should go to the stage of the legislative!

2021-01-26 14:49:51

   Long cable cross-sectional area is a problem a little better eighties, nineties point problem occurs, there is the phenomenon of necking, without load on these issues are very difficult to return to society of not expected economic losses. Now even more serious, and diameter can be as small at more than a full, 70 square cable is measured, there are 60 square feet, is installed with two 25 square of the line nose on the line, that is, five 10 square of. 100 meters of the line, only seven or eight meter ..... How can this go on Mo got? 35 squared is 25 squared, the user can not get money to buy the cross-sectional area and should be entitled to the length of the cable, there is no reasoning in place, manufacturers can easily produce substandard products sold in the market easily This general phenomenon is very normal. States should be legislation, once discovered substandard cable sales production enterprise legal person shall be discontinued immediately stop the sale, destruction of substandard products, once found, will be held criminally accountable. Real protection of national interests! Interests of the people!

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